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11 in the clip.

11 in the clip. None in the chamber. Yet. 


cock it back mayne
That's what's up Koopa go off like you always do !!!
Your album's gonna be so sick can't wait for you to drop it and take lil wayne's garbage music out well some of his lyrics are all right i just don't like his voice i thought i was the only one that didn't like him lol
only a matter of time..
get urr done koop!!
is every song still gonna have a video?
i'm thought 11 music video making, cuz i watched BTS of Chamillionaire - Main Event (Feat. Paul Wall, Slim Thug, Dorrough) video, and i never seen this video, and wait his whole album, i like chamillionaire
lmao i remember that.. cham shot a video to main event and never released it... koopa must have crazy amount of shit stashed away
Yes. A video for everything.
Profile 1: im pretty sure CHAM cant release any of that footage. He shot that video when he was on the label. Are any of the playlist poison songs you already released going to be on the album? like charlie sheen and when ya on?
No everything is new.
Dope Thanks for the answer. We are all expecting GREATNESS! I know you wont let us down.
11 songs recorded? What do you mean by "none in the chamber"?
cham i really hope every video doesnt decrease in quality... cuz i remember when 50 did that with the massacre & the videos looked really bad... but i trust you and never sacrifice quality... so this should be something no artist has ever done..
love this hype that koopa brings to the table!
Bet Cham already got stuff to fill 3LP's certified platinum.. In Cham Ww Trust!!!
I still wonder how do you keep me, a german/portuguese fan, so hyped over a decade strong.. You taught me the english language grand master.. Ha Hope you could make it possible sending me a physical copie of that posion album with a big fat calligraphy styled Autograph... Tried to get MM7.. Tried to get Major Pain 2, tried to get Sound of Revenge with the Bonus disc, but it's impossible for someone out here in germany... Regards, Jae
How many fit in the clip? and will there be an extended clip, the banana 4 da AK?
Who is the dude answering all the questions?? { CHAMILLIONAIRE CEO]??? Anyways!!! Can't wait for that album Cham!! I know YOur gonna get down on that poison!! You never disappoint me!! Love all your mixtapes, sound of revenge was a good album, but I think you to to higher level on U.Victory!! Was ready for that venom to see were you were gonna take that album but You scraped it. You do what you gota do!! But ready for that poison now. Waiting for that fire KOOP!!!!Majorpain!!!!
chamillionaire ceo is koopa.
Thats chamillionaire himself
I hope the distribution will be available overseas.
That's actually quite fast.Can't wait to hear these bangers.
He didn't scraped Venom.He just couldn't release it.
Can't wait for that album ! I hope we get it early next year or even later this year !


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