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Still out here on tour in Australia. Ill drop some new stuff soon....


Can't wait Cham! I know whatever you release is gonna be dope no matter how popular it gets, #realtalk. You'll always have your true fans for support no matter what, keep it up! #playlistpoison
Patiently waiting...
Patiently waiting koopa
But when will you drop a Poison?
Check out the pose lol
@arthur dont worry bout poison its still gone be awhile look forward to major pain 2
Top 3 rappers alive. Cham/Tech/DMX . Now there are 2 of them in that picture. COLLAB
That picture is just awesome. If they ever get on a track together that'll be the end!
Can't wait but I'm sure it's going to be dope!
Wearin' the Koopa Chain again... Like!
Hell yea can't wait!
Yessss! I love it.
You guys should really do a song together.
Can't wait.
All the fans want this to happen. man if you do a track wit tech mine as well do one with brotha lynch hung, that dude is sign to techs strange music label. He was underground and came out way before tech. And better rapper. Not heting on tech but im not a fan, but you should do a track wit him and Brotha lynch hung, A song each, then a track with both on.
Tech is not even on koopa level!!
wordd you and tech would be a dope track patiently waiting for that new fiya
"new stuff" does that mean original material or "new" as in mixtape tracks, or freestyles? Damn Cham always got me wondering... Ah well it doesn't matter, I'm patient, I'm still jamming MM2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 all the time and throw on some MM1, Man on Fire, Tippin' Down 2005 & GYMC when I wanna go back some haha.
I think it will be a Playlist Poison 5 [Atleast I hope so] .
Koopa n strange music!
everyone would love to hear Cham & Tech onna track, gimmie gimmie!
im jammin hangin wit mr koopa, that mixtape underrated as fuck
I'm guessin you don't get 2 talented guys that close together without at least one track recorded, we'll get to hear that soon enough!!! Cham heard us months ago about wanting a Tech N9ne feature!!!!


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