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Chamillionaire.com Update. Elevate Re-Stocked.

What a tangled web we weave.....

The good news is that we sold out of ELEVATE EP's in 10 hours yesterday. The bad news is we sold out of ELEVATE Ep's and 10 hours yesterday. That's either good or bad news depending on who you ask. To me it's always good news when you can sell a decent amount of units independently from your website. I expected this, but apparently there are a large number of fans who didn't get a chance to order the physical copy of the EP. I knew it would sell out but I just didn't know it would be that quick.

The only reason I feel like I should call an audible right now is because the timing of when I put it up for sale. I always have to remember that a lot of fans are international customers and 2pm for us could be 11pm/ 1am for someone overseas. Some people were sleeping when the cd went up and realized it was sold out by the time they woke up. I actually thought it would beat least 24-48 hours before the cds sold out.

So this is what I want to do......

I just spoke to the guy that is pressing up the cds and asked him how we can make this first run greater.

If you purchased one of the first 1,000 cds it will be considered a limited edition version and it will have an autograph on it. Yes, I will personally sign and all 1,000 cds. These limited edition versions will now have 6 panels instead of 4 panels. That means the package will fold twice and have 6 pages of artwork instead of 4.  It will also be something that you purchased for cheaper because the $8 price now will go back up to $9.99 (The limited edition version is normally supposed to be more expensive than the regular version). The music will be the same but the packaging will have a couple more images on it. It will also autographed and something you purchased at a discount.

Another 1,000 copies of the Elevate Ep will go back up for sale and will now be priced at 9.99. It will have 4 panels instead of the 6 panels on the limited edition version. The music will still be the same.  Sorry I can't sign anymore because 1000 cds is already a large amount of cds for me to sign.

The limited edition version will have as many panels as this.....
   Posted Image

The regular version will have this many panels.....

  Posted Image

This is the best way I can provide a higher value for the people that purchased early. I saw all of your emails this morning and I hope this works as a solution. Remember, the whole reason I wanted to do a shorter run is so I could control these orders. I could possibly ship all the autographed copies myself, but everything over that I would probably have to send to the fulfilment company to ship. Either way we will try to make sure this goes smoothly......

Im sending the additional (limited edition) artwork to get pressed up today so I can start signing these cds earlier. As always, I appreciate the support.

My next email coming in 5, 4, 3, 2......


Nice! Anybody who hasn't preordered it go cop that!
Very thoughtful for those who didn't have the chance to get a copy yesterday!
Another reason I stand by Chamillionaire. The only artist I've ever purchased a CD from.
paid less for more : )
It's dope how he made the first 1000 limited editions
Been around long enough to know koopa looks out. Cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha cha CHAMILITARY MAYNE!!
thats really considerate of cham! for me it was perfect timing - afternoon in the uk
Wow! I'm still in shock that I was able to get a copy before it sold out the first time. If y'all haven't yet, y'all better hurry and get a copy before they're gone.
THANK GOOOOOOODNESS! Thanx Cham, when i found out it was sold out i was pretty upset. But then I got another chance! Thanks again, I think it was a perfect way to do it. Chamillitary Mayne!
This is what makes Cham a stand up guy and my favorite rapper. I wish other artists were as real as him.
hopefully i can snag one. appreciate you putting them back up
Can't wait for this!!
Can't wait to cop it!!
Made sure I got mine ASAP
yea im glad i got mine early yesterday too!!
Glad I got one of the first 1k copies. #chamillitary
Aw snap! Limited edition!
Aw snap! Limited edition!
damn, appreciate that you go above and beyond for the fans cham, salute.
Already got mine, a little disapointed that your gona sign 1000, i dont think you shouldv budged on the 500 number, i already felt that number was too high
thanks though cham, you show us a lot of luv
big ups to the limited edition owners, i didnt even have time to purchase mine early like that. ow well, put some more up cham.
hell yea get yours now


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