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Chamillionaire REIGNFALL EP Pre-Order

The REIGNFALL EP will release on JULY 23RD 2013. I have set the release date back about a week further than in the past to allow more time to get all of the pre-orders packaged and ready to be shipped. All of these new chamillionaire.com EP orders will be shipped through a different system than in the past and will be shipped by a company in Los Angeles. The new customer service email address for all orders is chamillionairemerch@gmail.com and all emails will receive a response within 24-48 hours.

You can purchase the physical copy of the Reignfall Ep or a deluxe merch package.  All deluxe orders will include the following:

(1) Chamillionaire - Reignfall Ep
(1) Limited Edition Black Reignfall T Shirt
(1) Limited Edition Black Reignfall Snapback Hat
(1) Limited Edition Reignfall Bandana
(2) Limited Edition 13 x 19 Posters

Each pre-order will also include Chamillitary stickers as a bonus for customers (The stickers are not for sale).


Each individual EP will cost $10, plus $3 for shipping in the US, and 8 dollars for international shipping. Add 2 dollars shipping cost for each additional cd.


Each deluxe package will cost $60. Shipping for all US deluxe package orders is $15 and all international deluxe package orders will be $25. Remember all of the items in the deluxe package will be shipped in a box and not an envelope. Sorry these items can not be purchased individually and are available for a limited time only. All pre-orders will be shipped 2-3 business days before release date. The week before the release date EVERY customer that pre-ordered an EP will receive an email that includes a tracking number. EVERY international customer will receive a photo image of the shipped package via email.

Everyone that pre-orders the REIGNFALL EP will receive a link to download it digitally on day before release (July 22nd 2013). The link will be sent to the email address that you use to make your order.  

The track listing will be announced at a later date.....

Again, this is a new system I am using and all of these orders are new transactions. Please do not spam the customer service with any questions that aren't dealing with the REIGNFALL EP release. If you feel strongly about the likelihood that your package won't reach you for some reason then you should probably save your money and wait till the next release. I feel like this will be the best shipping system that this site has seen. Y'all know I value your support and I always try my best to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they ordered. Any concerns about anything else should be directed to chamillion@chamillionaire.com.

Remember that freestyle? First one sends this week to everyone that ordered Elevate. The next will be for everyone that pre-ordered the REIGNFALL EP.

You can order the REIGNFALL EP or DELUXE PACKAGE here: http://chamillionaire.com/store
(If it isn't showing in the store for you then clear your cache)

As always, thank you for your support.


Definitely got mine ordered

I will be preording this tomorrow morning, hopefully the deluxe

Yeeees. So hyped for this

Got my pre order in!!
Yea!!!! Deluxe package will be ordered tomorrow morning! So excited!

hell yea

Try #2 for quest lol


Cham you must be a spurs fan :D this EP announced on the night the spurs win? It's all becoming clear now.... Lol jk

im down!!! just got me a job too

One question with the Deluxe tho, what about shirt sizes?

Also who won the contest for the EP title?

psyched. Gonna put my order in tomorrow. 

One question with the Deluxe tho, what about shirt sizes?


Making that an option now. 


Making that an option now. 

Alright, thanks

I know this is gonna jam just like everything else mayne. Can't wait.

Ordering it right now

imma soo get this!!!

I gotta ask though... What'll happen to those who order before the shirt sizes are an option?

I don't need a hat tho. Wish I could buy stuff individually

can't get this till the morning i hope the deluxe is still available

time to hit up a couple of side jobs.

Anyone else having problems with the store?

The link isn't working for the store for me. Might be a minor hiccup tho. Getting that deluxe ASAP.


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