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Chamillionaire Show Love Feat @DAChesterFrench & @TiffanyBelle7 #Chamillitary

Chamillionaire - Show Love Feat. DA (For best experience view in HD)
Available on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/11v8Zd6
For more videos subscribe here: http://bit.ly/Y22Oyh
Directed by: Bowser
Lead Girl: @TiffanyBelle7 Instagram: TiffanyLuce
D.A. - @DAChesterFrench
Police Officer: Tiny Lister aka Debo
Produced by: Adamack and TODAY.(@Openmindsent & @Iam_Vinay )

Please share and I hope you enjoy it........


Awesome! Now let's, spread it.
Already. Came through on the 4th... Lets make it happen... Happy BDAY FAT PAT!!!!
Already!!! Too excited spread the word yall
hahah he came out with the video on time
super dope hook! beat is nice as well
Share it people!
Cham, the right word wit wich I can describe you and your art is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
video is sick, will definitely share it.
Purchased. Tweeted.Liked on fadebook. SONG IS NICE!!!!!
GREAT! The same police officer like the one in ridin dirty :D Already posted on facebook!
Time to share
Video is so great great great! And song too. I'm so enthusiastic! Chamillitary forever! Support this!
I love the video! Very clean and dope shots.
started to share it on forums!
man this was put yp quick. I'll be sure to share it.
Great video, great song! Respect!
whats good koop
Not only did he say he was gonna drop it today, but he dropped it first thing in the morning too! I like that. I'm bout to blow up everything with this video!
All I Have To Say Is It's About Time Congrats Koopa I Loved It
I'm gonna share it every day. Nice video and song, didn't expect it to end that way. A little different style than the usual, but not bad at all.
Damn. That ending was dope, and unexpected. I'm glad that I waited for this.
I wonder if I'm the only person that noticed that the cop was the same cop from the Ridin' video back in 2005. That video was dope Cham, can't wait for Poison!


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