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Fan Question- I cannot find motivation. What do I do?

Fan Question: How do you stay so motivated? What caused you to be who you are? I am lost in this great, unforgiving world and cannot find the motivation to do/be somebody and feel like life is just running its course while I'm just standing on the sidelines watching it pass me by. Any advice? Love your music Koopa, thank you!

Cham answer:

Man you got me over here feelin' like Dr. Phil. Honestly, only you can really find the solution to this one.  Maybe you need to set more goals for yourself. I often find the people who feel like this don't have many life goals set, and even when they do, they just don't have the ambition to see them all the through. It starts with something that you really care about. If you don't care about anything then thats part of the problem. Sometimes you can set goals that aren't even centered around your own personal wishes, but the goals of people you care about. You could set a goal to help someone else like your mother (or someone else you care about) accomplish a goal. Once you start working towards something that you REALLY want to accomplish, the "life passing you by" thing will go away. Some people have to experience the feeling of reaching a goal in order to have the confidence that they can do it again. 

It started off small with me. I drew a couple cool sketches on paper. Then I started drawing personal comic books. Then I started winning art competitions. Then I started feeling like the world was a canvas that I could conquer at any given time. 

It could be something as simple as getting in shape, getting your own home, or building your own studio. Set a goal and then stay on yourself to accomplish it. The path to that goal will probably lead you right to the next one. It starts with you though. 

Im not Mr Miyagi or anything but I would suggest that you dig deep down and find something to believe in. You don't want to live your life with regret. 

Maybe some of you fans can give him some ideas...... 


I'm kind of in the same boat as the fan who asked this question. So I'm glad you gave an answer, Cham. You really got me with the "goals of other people you care about" I've never looked at it like that. But I truly do enjoy helping people so I'll try that more. The one thing I am most interested about is technology but I don't know where it's going to take me.
I can't just focus on one aspect, I feel like I want to do so many things regarding it that I start doing one thing then get sidetracked doing another where I end up doing a little bit of a lot of things, not a lot of one thing. Sorry for the double post of first half.
First off, you gotta be yourself. Don't worry too much, but focus on what you need to do. I agree with Cham, you gotta find something you believe in. To stay motivated at something, personally I look at challenges I face as opportunities to better myself. Whatever you choose as your goals, challenge yourself to be the best and show the world what you are made of.
Going off of what Cham said, if you have goals to help others, that's fine too. Helping others is important too. Be Somebody. Make a Difference. Doing these things should help you get off the sidelines so you can strive for your dreams.
Thats called procrastination. You always tell yourself you are gonna follow all the way through but never do. If your mother needed a wheel chair you would probably be more motivated to see her in one. Sometimes the goal doesn't even have to be selfish. If you like seeing other people happy then go out and do it. It might turn into a career.
A lot of times its a confidence thing. If you are interested in Tech. Set a goal. Im interested in tech also and set personal goals. I might not accomplish all of them but i'll try. Mainly because I already love what I'm working towards and even failure will be fun.
@ Ryan
man I can't get enough of your music you made my ego go thru the roof lol I appreciate you for how real you keep your music and not selling out
@Chamillionaire Would you Do a Song With The Weeknd?
It's proven that people are born with 4 innate drives: drive to acquire, drive to bond, drive to learn, and drive to defend. I will not talk about drive to defend here becuz it's kinda inactive, only if you're in danger will this drive be activated. However the other 3 are usually proactive, which means they can be frequent sources of motivation. If you don't feel motivated, then you gotta search within yourself, to activate these 3 drives.
Drive to acquire is the drive that makes you go out there and conquer the world. The drive that makes you strive for money, fame, social status and power. Drive to bond simply means love. Drive to learn is about knowing and understanding yourself and the world around you.
So to sum it up, there are 3 ways you can get yourself motivated: go out there conquer the world and strive for material things, find somebody to love and care about, or learn something new and realize your true potential.
Yo Koopa! Hit up a google+ hangout!
Good answers Nah.
Thank you sir!
Thank you for taking time to respond back to me Cham, as a fan I really appreciate it.
Cham I know you say you're not a role model, but you gotta realize that to so many people you have become a source of knowledge. Many fans look up to you in a way that not many fans of other artists do. After seeing what you have gone through to get where you are today, you as a person and your music have inspired many people. You deserve much respect because how many others would give advice to fans the way you do? None. And all your true fans are behind you in your pursuit of greatness!#poison
The Weeknd does go hard, think about it!!!
Cham great answer.Could you post some of your drawings ?Im just really interested in art thing.I go to arts school.I also have many sketches of my fav. artists like you.Is it true that you drew a cover on some old Swishahouse mixtape?
"Sometimes you can set goals that aren't even centered around your own personal wishes, but the goals of people you care about" -Chamillionaire @Ryan H , what cham is saying is so true it's not even funny. I know that's what i did in my life. For a while i had no idea what i wanted to be or do. I realized i wanted to help my brother when he started rapping, so i decided i was gonna be his manager.
From there my mind ran wild w/ ideas and the creativity was like none other. I had never felt so passionate about anything i was doing until that point. I started looking up designers who fit our vision, studied talented artist at the time (ex. Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson). Yeah man, my heart was in it and still kinda is.
My bro and i have put things on hold atm, but that thirst to suceed made me check out other routes i could go. I kinda already had some of these ideas in mind when i was working w/ my bro, but now it's like, "hey, i can still make this work". So i recently started studing cartoon animation (ex. Boondocks, Family Guy, Three Delivery). It's a challenge for me because it's been so long since i've drawn anything. I'm actually starting to get back comfortable with drawing.
I mean i haven't gotten to the animation bit yet, but i have a vision and i'll get there. My point is @Ryan H, I found what i wanted to do and can do through the goals of my mom and bro. Now the moon is the limit for me. An it could be for you too. Look at some of the things you really enjoy and start from there (ex. Chams music). Inspiration can be found all around us my friend. Hope this helped a little bit as well.
Hey RYAN H. look here champ, you got to start screaming who you are. We have a part of our brain called the amygdala that is the base brain we started with in evolution. It is the smallest part but the most powerful but it works on the level of a sucker. It say, "feed me, don't hurt me, and so on." So when you think of what you don't want to do don't listen to you amygdala saying it will embarrass you or people will make fun of you.


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