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Chamillionaire - Go Getta

Chamillionaire - Go Getta Produced by @Beatbullies

AVAILABLE ON ITUNES HERE: http://bit.ly/1g4YiCf

I'll type out the lyrics in a minute.....Unfortunately someone beat me to this release....


The Beat Bullies are on fire. Yes baby!

i thought we were getting this emailed?? lol who leaked it

yo this is pure heat... lyrics and instrumental!!!

Dope!! This is a Poison-worthy track IMO :D

Dope stuff Cham, everyone be sure to go support it!

Hol Up...the beat is so defiant.Beast mode on the flow. Chaaaaaaaam, how do you do this magic with all of your music? Don't tell anybody this recipe :D

pretty cool track..

Fucking bad ass man. The beat, the lyrics, everything!
No lie, wasn't really feeling breaking bad, but this is soo dope.

Shout out to Teeth Malloy for that fire! Too fresh!

Dope Sh!t , why no Soundcloud link :o

DOPE! Already purchased it on Itunes.... Yep. Teeth Malloy always producing dope tracks. Always a banger just like Eatin. Im about to bump this in the car all day mayne. Bangin song!!!!!!! Lets get that. Chamillitary Mayne

Damn. Good song :D

ChamillitaryVenom beat him to it lol

Just got it off itunes, Man this song is so dope

Now this what I'm talkin bout!!! Keep em'  coming mayne!! That hustla music !!! #Chamillitary 

i thought we were getting this emailed?? lol who leaked it

whoever ChamillitaryVenom is lol

Beat Bullies did they thang as usual!!!

Dope track Cham! just bought it off Itunes and shout out to that boy Teeth Malloy.. beats are crazy dope

can't wait to play this in the car...

cham... if im blowing up your twitter mentions sorry lol sharing this song like crazy

Been waiting all day. This track's dope! Keep em coming

Let me go buy this song really quick.

Man....I second what Teeth says.  Beat Bullies on fire!

So somebody leaked it? That's messed up ... Well crazy dope song at least!


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