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J Cole - Lost Ones (Video)

Im feelin' this. Emotion. Substance. Simple. 


crazy song.. cole one the best out right now
Cole World, REAL, Cole World
That's what hip hop needs - story telling.I don't listen to J Cole ,but I might start to,becouse this is the sickest song I have heard in a while.
agrees with 1st, 2nd and 1st sentence of 3rd comment oh and Cham 's comment aswell love this!!!
Absolutely right, a deep and fascinating song.
Dope for sure. Don't listen to J.Cole much but anything that has purpose and meaning is legit in my eyes. I'd bump it.
Bout time you put Real Hip Hop videos on your site! ColeWorld & Chamillitary only ones doin it.
Good song that has a meaning to it.
cham and Cole on a song it a hit
check this beat mayne /watch?v=gDAmyQyQ2dA&feature=feedu
Love it.
Crazy knowing he did this back in '08. Just the background story in itself is amazing. Dream Big!
Dont really listen to him to mch but this did go hard.
j cole is cool
its aight
j cole is dope


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