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Kobe Mask Auction: Plastic Mask On Sale For Kobe's Charity

The Masked Mamba is no more, but the memories can live on for one lucky Lakers fan.

Kobe Bryant is auctioning off the protective face mask he wore for eleven games earlier this season, and the proceeds will go to help homeless youth in Los Angeles.

Kobe donned the famous mask after breaking his nose in this year's All-Star game, but the 16-year NBA veteran didn't miss a beat despite the injury. He scored over 31 points a game and recorded his 29,000th career point while wearing the mask.

Since forming the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation in 2011, Kobe has brought money and attention to the issue of youth homelessness in Los Angeles. Between 7,000 and 10,000 of LA's homeless are under the age of 24, a fact that Bryant said "shocked the hell out of me" when he first announced the initiative. He also mentioned that as a father of two, the problem just "hits home more."

As of this writing, the bidding for Kobe's mask is up to $2,550, but there are still six days left in the auction.

Check out photos of Kobe looking fierce in his mask.


the black mamba!
creative mayne
thats dope
Thats badass of him
Lol I know a lot people would kill for his masks. Actually some of my friends would want it.
Thats way to expensive for me to even think about bidding...ha
that's kind of weird man
good cause, terrible player.
^^^^^^^^^^ hahahahahahahaha
That's really amazing, what he's doing. I love him as a player too.
2550 isn't that expensive if it was lbj I'll be interested lol...
Not a Kobe fan but I got a lot a respect for him doin this for the kids.
Guess Cham already made a bid...............
I sure as hell wouldn't want this, but then again I'm not a huge Kobe fan. Regardless, the benefits of him doing this are great and I applaud Kobe for helping out. It's very admirable.
Great cause!
great player great idea and gesture still think he is an ass hole that looks like the volture from looney toons
kobe's goin all out man, lakers going to win it this year, no doubt
great gesture, but who really wants that sweaty mask
hate him or love him its for a good cause
Great cause
I swear if I had the money to bid on something like this, I would. I'm not even a Kobe fan, but it's for a good cause and it would be nice to brag to all my friends who love Kobe that I have something of his haha.
Never been a Kobe fan but i applaud and respect the cause.
good cause, not a fan, but have a lot of respect for what he does on and off the court!
Black mamba


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