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Lottery Winner Tomorrow.

The Chamillionaire.com Lottery winner will be announced tomorrow. There were a lot of entries and I appreciate everyone who spent their hard earned coins in hopes of being the lucky winner. I know there are a lot of yall who are still holding on to your coins but it's all good. I added a few more items to the lottery prize.

All of these items below are new.....

Blue "Too Dope" Tank top.

Posted Image

Black "Cast Shadow" Money Snapback Hat. One size fits all.

Posted Image

Posted Image

15 Autographed Chamillitary Cds.

Posted Image

White Beats By Dre Headphones to listen to your Chamillitary cds.

Posted Image

All 4 of these new snapback hats will be included.
1. Cast Shadow 2. Crooks & Co 3. Chamillitary White 4. HUF

Posted Image

And the rest of the prizes the winner will receive.....

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

And ill throw in a black Ammunition T-Shirt and A White Chamillitary Army T-Shirt. So tomorrow somebody will win........

15 Autographed Chamillitary Cds
Ammunition Black Shirt
Chamillitary Army White Shirt
Too Dope Tank Top
White Beats By Dre Headphones
Black Cast Shadow Snapback
Black & Red Castle & Co Snapback
Black Huf Snapback
White Chamillitary Snapback
Blue Chamillitary Snapback
Skullcandy Gamer Headphones
Dead Island for PS3 & XBOX
XCOM Enemy Unknown & Borderlands 2
Money Wallet

I'll post the winner tomorrow and ship everything above to you. Good luck.


mannnn that's like a $500 value.. crazy. Koopa's far too kind, good luck to everyone who entered their coins. I know I did
wow this package is amazing, best of luck to everyone!
That is a HUGE prize!!
Helllll yeah. I dropped a grip load. Kinda wish i dropped more now. haha Good luck
Oh my god, whoever wins this is sooooo lucky. There is definitely not another rapper who would do this.
wow this is crazy!!! winner will have his best christmas ever!!!
I put my coins in for 1 of the comps I hope this was it i want a chamillitary cap!
*or her
It's freakin amazing prize but I would rather like to see 20 winners instead of one :)
i winning lol
CHAMILLITARY MAYNEEEEE "Round Of Applause for the Cause"
mannn i want those cd;s danggggg
wow,this is pretty epic
OOOOH.... MY...... GODDDDDDDDD.......
sweet hats
i really want that skull candy headset and borderlands 2. i have never owned a snapback so if i got one of those, that would be cool to
ONE person winz ALL THAT? crazy!!
daamn homie I wish I could win this
love the prizes! specially ur snapback!
Pick me chamillion !
I didn't get to enter as many coins as I wanted cause when I came back to add more the contest was closed :(
Hope I win lol
too dope!!
i wont it
Wow. That's wild! I thought people were gonna get one of those items... but all of em? o.O That's awesome!


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