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The greatest fighting scene in a movie....

This has gotta be the greatest fighting scene ever..... Just so ill to me.... 


hell yeah matrix was dope
Amen Cham. You need this type of scene in one of Poison's videos!
I will have to agree with you on that cham... its not the most realistic.. but its definately the most epic.... I use to go to sleep to this movie almost every night when it first hit DVD. Reloaded is definately my favorite Matrix movie
When i first saw agent smith again walking up to neo with the doves flying away... i got goose bumps like a mofo
This is a real bad ass fight scene, but not the best. Its not like there really doing the moves and there not real marshal artist!! But it is sick!! Its eazy to let CPU do all the work!! Tony Jah The Protector, Ong-Bac pt 1,2and 3!! Jet Li Fist of Legend!!
Bruce Lee started it all!! he tried to bring the fighting scene as real as possible!! than theres Jet Li took it to another level!! dont for get Jackie chan does his own stunts and more, but he's getting old so is Jet Li they cant last foever. Now there's Tony Jaa!! does his own stunts and takeing the fight scenes to a hole new level.
I grew up on marshal arts movies theres a lot of great fight scenes out there. and real marshal artist that work hard to create these fight scenes! You cant that away from them. Matrix should be in a different category for that fight scene!! they made it possible for people who dont even do marshal arts to do moves like that!! Like kill bill bad ass movie but she dont really have that fighting skill!!
ITs eazy to hook up to a wire and stand behind a green screen, and let CPU do all the work!!
My Favorite fight scene to memory King Kong vs the T-Rexs in Kong. That mvie had so much potential if they would have just left out Jack Black.
That fight scene is ill as hell but idk to me the best fight scene is the fight scene in Inception when they were fighting while the world was spinning, to me it was dope because there was no CGI it was all real choreography
I have to disagree. Here is the greatest fight scene in a movie. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=yF6Jyxc16vU then it would be this... http://www.youtube.c...h?v=IrFIewZK1es anything that Donnie Yen is in, is amazing. Ip Man and Ip Man 2, Legend of Fist: Return of Chen Zen, and Flashpoint, etc...
The Rock vs Vin Diesel on the latest Fast and Furious Movie.... Martial Arts and Boxing Movies are supposed to be about fighting so I would put them under Fighting Movies not Fight Scenes!
Of coarse Matrix courtyard scenes the best. Koopa get out my head.
Did someone say Bruce Lee? ;D. Anyway, you guys forget that this is HIS favorite seen. It may not be the best scene out there, but you have to respect Chamilly's opinion.
Ong Bak 3 sucked btw... the protector and ong bak 1 and 2 are good.. you gotta watch IP man though... best modern martial arts movie to date
Donnie Yen is awesome
I have still yet to see Flashpoint Steven if you havnt seen Iron Monkey you gotta check it out ...or Wing Chun even
http://www.youtube.c...h?v=hDTA-KOwvoA Really good fight scene.... english dub makes it shitty... but man when donnie yen comes in and kills em all
watch ip man
gotta side with everybody else Cham Donnie Yen in IP Man 1 fighting ten dudes was the illest fight scene i've seen, you gotta check it out
(Mississippi Representer)You wanna great fight scene/scenes look for the movie call Chocolate (2009).
Yeah Ong Bak 3 sucked I bought it on Bluray but I was disappointed, I have Ip Man 2 on Bluray and it's amazing. Iron Monkey is on Netflix @Davin, I might check it out. Another great fight scene is from a movie called "The Man from Nowhere" best knife fight scene I ever seen. Check it out here: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=z8LooQRJcYI
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen :The forest fight scene is sick in my opinion.
Ip man
Matrix revolutionize fight scenes


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