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What do you know about Odd Future?

I keep getting fans emailing me asking me how come I don't ever say anything about what I think of Odd Future and my response is because I don't know much about them. Also because I don't see why anyone would expect me to say anything about them anyways. I know they have been getting a lot of press in the industry and they seem to be gaining the interest of a lot of people but most people that I see talking about them can never really tell me any of their songs when I ask. It kinda reminds me of the people that mention Ghetto Boys as one of the greatest groups from the South but can't name any of their songs. To be clear, I'm not at all trying to imply that they are just hype. I have watched the Yonkers video (below) repeatedly just like a lot of other people and can definitely understand why it has so many views. I have also read multiple interviews and can honestly say that I like how rebellious they are when it comes to speaking their minds. I just want to know what you can tell me about the songs in their catalog? Did you listen to them before everyone else started talking about them? 


hmmm i don't like it. I don't want to hate but i don't feel that track , the beat and the video
I don't like it at all. They're creepy, disturbing and just.....oh man words cannot describe how wrong this video is.
I don't know much about them but that Frank Ocean CD "Nostalgia" is nice. OG Ron C & DJ Candlestick did a Chopped Not Slopped version of it.
They're good, but overhyped
They all have a pretty solid collection of work. These are some of my favorites: StripClub, Supermarket, TangGolf, Bastard, Earl, Luper, Epar, Moracular World, OrangeJuice, Drop, Sandwhiches, Dat Ass, Round and Round, French, Chordaroy, Rolling papers, pigions pretty much every album or mixtape they put out has a lot of decent stuff
Yeah they do actually have some pretty good songs. I like Bastard, Odd Toddlers, French!, AssMilk, Orange Juice, Drop, Round and Round, Swag Me Out, Turn Down, DeadDeputy, and Fuck Police. They have Goblin coming out on May 10th too and this is their first official album so it will be interesting to hear how it sounds
People say they are the future of hip hop. I say they are a breath of fresh air. I dont have a strong opinion, but Wolf Gang is hella rebelious, but sometimes I feel Tyler spits cruel shit just because.
Man if this track is anything to go by they are the future the future of welfare i dont feel this at all just seems like spit something to piss people off get bad press sell out buy all the shit i said i didnt need. just sounds like a black insane clown posse.
yeah tyler is good i like him he says some good stuff
This fool stinks, I listen and smell the scent of whack....
^^ I agree.
never heard of em.
Honestly, they seem like they are a new school kind of Eminem and I heard a couple of their songs and they are not bad lyrically. But I think what is so significant about them is that they literally signed themselves to their own deal and between those guys and Lupe Fiasco, the "industry" is not looking too strong right now.
I've only listened to a few of their tracks and I liked them. I can't say I'm a fan yet, but I enjoy their music when it's playing. I listen to Frank Ocean, one of the members, a lot and he makes great music. He's an R&B artist.
i think they're kind of pathetic people just like them because they're new. itll pass..
ell yea i been jamming them since i saw them perform on TV a month or so ago... I like the fact they got something to say...something thats not the same thing everyone else is saying... Tylers first album Bastard had some crazy shit in it but i thought it was dope
I heard about them before they got really big. I like that they were able 2 make it while being recognized as an atheist group of kids. It show people are becoming more open minded. left brain is a great producer
more like wayward future. no hate.
nope all i heard bout them was one them of dissed B.o.B and B.o.B wrecked him in the diss song
Haven't heard, seems like odd fellas truly. Can't comment much further, no real experience on this squad. No hate.
Been bumpin Yonkers for awhile now, and more recently Tron Cat. Yonkers was the first song I heard from these guys but I went and listened to a bunch of their older stuff after that, like Earl's self titled album which is dope. Tyler The Creator's Goblin album should be freakin' swag if all the tracks are like the two I mentioned...
wtf was the only thing i could think of when the music faded out and the vid ended
They're fake as shit, the kids act like they're hard and don't give a fuck about what people say but then they pose for pictures with Justin Bieber. Tyler is talented, but they're nothing special they just appeal to the underground crowd. Odd Future is just another name nobody will remember a year from now.
This just goes to show how many of you have never REALLY listened to the Odd Future group members. Tyler does the crazy, killing and rape whatever stuff. Bet you guys didn't know there is an r&b singer in the group, and pretty much everyone besides Tyler and Earl would be widely accepted if you heard them without the "Odd Future" name attached to them. I've listened to just about all of them and they all have different sounds from each other.
I respect them for doing what they love to do at the moment. I believe they are talented but what i dont like is that people are trying to throw them into a category and keep their career bordered within it. I heard many of their interviews and i believe that they have the drive to overcome alot of hate and dumbass press and stay in this rap game for years to come. This interview right here made me respect them more http://www.youtube.c...h?v=-OoZNENl0Cg .


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