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You Cant Handle the Truth.


I got sooooooooo many responses to the last email blast and it seems like everyone has a different idea of the type of music you would like to hear. I saw I alot of first time responders who say they visit the site but never post or respond to anything (Boooooooo *Throws Tomato. Just kidding ), and a lot of others who were very passionate about their opinions. The truth is you can't make everyone happy. Everyone's got an opinion so you can only hope that people appreciate the type of music that you decide to create.  Some of yall really love old school screwed Texas music and some of yall really don't. Some of yall like music that is more underground and raw, and some of yall like music that sounds more commercial and radio friendly. Regardless of your opinion I appreciate your responses and support. We will keep the discussion going.....

I will say that I did respond to some of the emails that were sent via email but I normally do that when an email is coming from someone that I see posting on the site or a name I recognize. I would rather have a full conversation with the people that I feel give me at least a little bit of their valuable time. Its not about competing for rewards or points, Its about being a part of the discussion. I also try to post some of the answers on the site so yall can see what others are saying.

So my next question is:  I noticed a lot of fans were saying they miss the mixtapes but are those same type of mixtapes even a good idea in 2013? Who really raps on jacked beats anymore? If you have made a whole career out of it and now eveyone judges you off the lack of real songs and albums you have how is that a good idea? It was cool in 2008 but is it ok to be the guy that just jacks everyone elses beats in 2013? I feel like people "always miss a good thing when it's gone" so its not surprising that a lot of you miss whatever series. All I know is that I always STOP doing something when I feel like fans aren't completly feeling the quality. Just look at my history.....

What happened to the old forum? Too much complaining so I shut it DOWN for it never to come back.
When the old store was up? Too many issues so I SHUT IT DOWN.

Mixtape Messiah series? Too many people saying they weren't as good as the old ones so what happened? SHUT IT DOWN on high note with only 100 real copies for people who appreciated them.

Major pain? Same thing.

Freemixes? Seems pretty simple because they were a different type of mixtape with full song remixes on them right? Nope. Too many people saying the weren't getting better and not as good as the other series of mixtapes.  I know some people think its because I got tired of doing them..... but why do you think I got tired of doing them? Why do you think any artist gets tired of doing something? Why do people leave major labels to go search for different careers? Most of the time it's because of the same thing.....

I just don't think FANS realize the power they have with artists. Even the artist who say they don't listen are really listening. They might choose to ignore what fans are saying but they hear the noise. Lil Wayne, Jay Z, everybody. They hear whatever people are saying about them. Your FANS decide your fate in this music industry so that voice matters. I know what you're thinking. "Well if that's the case KOOPA, why don't you listen to your fans and bring back the color changin' click, re-unite with Paul for GYMC2, etc etc?"

Truth is that stuff will probably never happen. It just won't. There is no way to re-create that feeling you had in 2002 when you fell in love for the first time. Everybody that tries FAILS. Hot Boys? Dipset? No Limit? You really think they could create that same exact feeling again? No way. The way that screwed voice sounded when you heard it for the first time? How did that old school tape make you feel? That was back when you were starting on the basketball team, had your first love, your first car, your first everything. You weren't this person you are right now. You have bills and responsibilities now and hip hop is a little different to you nowadays. You barelly even have time to post on "your former favorite rapper's" website like you used to. You cant go back in time and you shouldn't try to. It wont work. If you do you have to understand it wont be the same and most people never understand. If you still think this is possible: You are a prisoner of the moment. You are stuck in a imaginary time machine and don't realize there is no way to go back in time in REAL LIFE. Even if you somehow manufacture something that looks like its a machine that will take you back in time you will still be in the future....I hate to be the one to break this to you but Id rather be the one that gives you the truth. The truth is you should appreciate the present because you are carving the possiblities of the future. Disagree? Let me know your thoughts....

Don't be a silent weirdo. This is research. This is work.....


A lot of artists are changing their style, because some fans say they don't like how they rap anymore, and the fans that liked their old style say that they are going commercial. I think its up to the fans that do like your music or anyone else's to speak out first and be heard and not just listen and sit back.
I love all your music, its rare I find something that you do that I don't like. But I must say that the music that you were going to put on Venom was great, because I played those singles for my friends that don't really like your music and they loved it.
I don't want you to go back to the CCC days or with Paul wall.. DO YOU, keep making dope music... Waiting for Poison, but until then you gotta drop something, I mean that's how you turn heads. "Turn these fake fans to believers."
The truth is all that matters, sometimes it hurts but it is necessary.
That's deep... everyone should apply this idea to their lives.
People shouldn't try to recreate something that worked beceause the expectations will be so high that people will be disapointed. And about the mixtapes, it seems that nowadays artists don't take time to offer something good, so I don't even bother looking at mixtapes. And the only mixtapes I ever liked were the mixtape messiahs.
That's very true, especially in life, however in music it's important to change with the times and evolve as an artist but you don't want to change so much that you get away from your roots and what made you unique in the game.
People are always gonna want to hear what made them like you to begin with, but that holds you back as an artist. if you were to make a mixtape i'd rather it be original beats maybe one or 2 freestyles on someone elses.
You know, I don't really have a lot to say to what you posted, but it was really well thought out and straight to the cut, so I felt it deserved a response anyways. I agree, don't live in the past - you can't change it or recreate it. Live for the moment and plan for the future.
Keepin it trill
That's the truth..im tired of hearing people do mixtapes with the same beats that's played all day on the radio cham did it it was cool then and people wore it out. And as far as the CCC stuff that can stay exactly where its at in the past I like going back listening to all those hits but if I heard it now I probably wouldn't be impressed cause we would end up comparing it to the old stuff but in reality its just cause it doesn't have that same first time feeling
Yeah,disagree. To my mind all the fans careness of other rappers happend in the past when they just started their careers.I don't know the facts...maybe Lil Wayne listened to the fans back then but he build up his style already it happened back then and no matter what people around say he'll continue mess around with Rick Ross and other commercial stuff do music that many rappers mention in their songs like it's a crap musc...
I've heard many comparisons...Hopsin("You think lil wayne spits raw?") Dizzy Wright (Now everybody wanna be Lil Wayne Wanna freestyle a track Don't even think about the lyrics they rap And always talking about busting a cap") that's just a recent things I've heard. Tell me when rappers were messing around with skaters?it's not this culture....skinny jeans either...he changes and he has a right to do so but what i've heard the majority doesn't like it.
What about The Game? Back in the days he was gangster with unfuckin'credible albums. Now...he still makes a big porgrees but it seems to me like he goes a lil bit off the lane. Look at the track "I remember" from the new album?Horrible autotune hook....bithces again (1st mil time) and whole bunch of feats with commercial rappers like wayne....this video was thumbed down more than thumbed up and was even deleted for a few days on youtube.
All this Jesus Piece thing...Kanye used to rap about it long time ago and now Game , Rick Ross and all these fellas like slowpokes followed it only now. Game has to many references about Kanye in his songs (almost in every on a new album). Many people in russian social network Game's club say that he was good but not now. All his explanation video of the "classic album" eventually end up with countless feats with artists that people who used to jam him don't even like.
As for your music I agree with Kenneth that I hardly can find anything that I don't like. In my life I don't like to do anything more than twice so I feel like it's enough of mixtapes and freestyles though they are much better than albums of some...To my opinion fellas who say they want you to make a radio song mean that they want people to really estimate you like better than others because it's true.
Almost on every youtube song of yours I find a comment "the most underrated rapper ever" and I feel gloomy because it's true. You do more a mil times than most of the rappers altogethers and still have only 147k views on a Show Love vid....how can it be? I can't get to the root of this riddle. If I compe up with smth else I'll appear.
I agree with your approach. Original music with original beats are the only thing that matters. Mixtapes are just to maintain a steady presence. That being said, when revisiting things (like working with Paul) you don't have to take the same approach and try to re-create the past. like you said, appreciate the present, and treat it as such. You can do any of these things without trying to re-create the past. Ultimately, just stick to your creative intuition.
I agree. What a nice read - once again. A while ago I remember how you said that people ask you for advice about real life problems etc. but you don't see yourself as an advisor/mentor etc. ... But damn Koopa you're a wise man, I wish you would share even more wisdom. I also remember a fan suggested that you should write a book. Whatever topic, I would totally buy it.
I agree with what you wrote and as much as I loved that screwed up shit, it won't be the same. One thing I ask is to keep your music with the same level of authenticity like Voice of Reason. Do something like Tellaheaux Goodbye. It's the authenticity that keeps me listening to your music. None of this "drop that ass, pop that, pussy, bitch make me a sandwhich" rap.
....That already is getting annoying. So, just stay real and drop some tracks that will make me say, Chamillionaire is one of the best rappers along with Eminem, Jay Z. Lil' Wayne has some good flows, but he was corrupted with the skinnies. haha
interesting read...i know ive been like not active at all since the first few months the site rewards thing dropped but this move to phx, my kid new job and so on, just life in general be taking a toll lol....but imma get more active...cant wait to see the video on MTV...but i agree...
you know what i love about mixtape messiah 2, it reminds me of freshman year in highschool and roaming through the halls with my headphones on, mixtape messiah 3 first time i got arrested lol and it dropped the next day made all that shit go away,
MM7 came out then my daughter was born and it was jamming in the car when i took her home from the hospital....point is everything you listen to and loved back then is tied with memories and its impossible to compete with or compare to anything new that comes out.
Its not going to bring back that feeling and thats what people dont understand. I just want new music to have a new soundtrack to that period of time. thats what made you my fav rapper...i can go back more then 10 yearsin my life and go through your catalog and remember what was going on in my life when this cd or that song dropped. So whatever direction you take im behind you 100...Chamillitary


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