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C-Murder Allowed Out of Jail To Attend Grandmother’s Funeral

(AllHIpHop News) In a rare showing of compassion from the United State judicial system, C-Murder was allowed to leave the Angola State Penitentiary to attend his grandmother’s funeral this past Saturday (August 3rd).

The 42 year old rapper, born Corey Miller is currently serving a life sentence after being found guilty of second degree murder of a 16 year old teen at a Harvey, Louisiana nightclub in 2002.

Miller’s brother Master P was in attendance as well as his nephew Lil Romeo who took to Twitter shortly after to show his appreciation for being able to see his uncle:

Link: http://allhiphop.com...others-funeral/


Damn man.  I guess I wasn't following the news.  I did not know C Miller had gotten life.  Truthfully last I heard from him was that song w/ Ludacris and Pimp C "do your time".  Anyhow, I'm glad to see the judicial system isn't completely heartless.

Too bad the kid that he killed wont get to see his grandmothers funeral...just sayin!

I dont think they should have allowed this...

Talk about special treatment, how many other murderers get to go to funerals, Im sure Master P made a nice "donation" to the warden or city council office.

thats ol boi .. C murder the truth

Since when do they allow this? Man prisoners get too much nice things. Like my mom says, send their asses to war. Meanwhile you got homeless people out here starving and who wish they could have seen their parent's funeral!

omg damn ..

That's crazy

Really surprising. Wonder how much security there was

Im seriously surprised by the gov't. for allowing him to go but i respect it nonetheless.



Im sure the only reason they did was because P pulled some strings

Look at my husband! YAASSSSS ROMEO!! :D Free C Murder!

surprised the government actually cared but that's good #FreeCMurder


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