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  • End of a Knife
  • I Know You See It
  • Go Getta
  • Watching Breaking Bad
  • H Town Legend
  • Pound Cake
  • Some Things Never Change
  • Don't Shoot
  • Don't Piss Me Off
  • Reignfall EP
  • True Religion
  • Nothing You Can Do
  • Elevate
  • Ill Mind of Koopa
  • Show Love
  • Keep Pushing
  • Killer Mike x Chamillionaire - Anywhere but here
  • Paper Plates
  • Let Them Wait
  • Throw It
  • Tellaheaux Goodbye
  • Mayday
  • 4 AM Freestyle
  • Think I'm In Love
  • Voice of Reason
  • We'll make It
  • No Mercy
  • Wont Hear a Sound
  • Hands on the Wheel
  • Stay Schemin'
  • Ammunition
  • Say I Won't
  • Street Life
  • Houston
  • Shut Your Hood Down
  • Warren Buffet
  • My Breakthrough
  • Badazz Slowmixes
  • One Way
  • We All Done
  • In Da Wind
  • Badazz Freemixes 2
  • Badazz Freemixes
  • Get Off Me Remix
  • All About My Change
  • Major Pain 1.5
  • Time Machine
  • All of the Lights
  • Passenger Seat
  • Charlie Sheen
  • The Way You Are
  • My Hood
  • After the Superbowl
  • Swang Wide
  • Rubber Bands
  • This My World
  • 60 G's
  • Pass Out Remix
  • When Ya On
  • The Game Needs Me
  • Love 2 Ball
  • Pull Up
  • Round Here
  • Make A Movie
  • Live from Tour Bus
  • The Main Event
  • Major Pain
  • 50 In my Pinky Ring
  • Popped Up Twice
  • Houston Got A Problem
  • I Stay On It
  • Lose Control
  • Angel In My Life
  • Award Show
  • Can't Stop Partying
  • Chain Swang
  • Club Go Crazy
  • Soldier
  • Pack the Gat
  • Mixtape Messiah 7
  • What Up
  • Love My Whip
  • Greatest Verses (I Am Legend)
  • Do Ya Thang
  • Pac Man Flow
  • Maybach Music
  • Relax
  • Pokerface Freestyle
  • Catch Me at the Relays
  • Welcome to Houston
  • I Run
  • I Love College Remix
  • Mary Jane
  • Mixtape Messiah 6
  • Bounce
  • Hangin' wit Mr. Koopa
  • Mixtape Messiah 5
  • Creepin Solo Feat. Ludacris
  • On Tha Blocc
  • For the OGs
  • Mixtape Messiah 4
  • What's Up
  • Grain Grippa
  • Underground Thang
  • Diamonds Exposed
  • Here We Go
  • Won't Let You Down Extended Remix
  • Get It Big Remix
  • Somebody Gonna Get
  • Ultimate Victory
  • Run
  • You Ain't Me
  • Day 2 Day Grindin
  • Texas Boyz
  • Diss Me
  • Get it Shawty Remix
  • Party Like a Rockstar remix
  • Get Dirty
  • Playas Roll
  • Mixtape Messiah 3
  • Playa 4 Life
  • Doe Boy Fresh
  • Up Your Speed
  • King Kong
  • Not a Criminal
  • Sleep
  • Bet That
  • That Girl
  • Candy Paint
  • Mixtape Messiah 2
  • Ridin NY Remix
  • Whut It Dew - RELOADED
  • Oh No
  • Ridin
  • Man On Fire
  • Hey Lady
  • The Sound of Revenge
  • Tippin Down 2005
  • Greatest Hits
  • Turn It Up
  • Gettin on My Nerves
  • The Truth
  • Chamillitary
  • Big Business
  • Call Me
  • Wuz Up Wuz Up
  • Ballin is a Habit
  • The Mixtape Messiah
  • In Money We Trust
  • Ghetto Status
  • Starvin Marvin
  • Ace Ventura
  • Cleveland Bootleggaz Special
  • Deuce Bigalow
  • The Army
  • Bobby Booshay 2
  • Woo Woo
  • Get Ya Mind Correct
  • Homer Pimpson
  • Bobby Booshay

Ammunition album cover
Ammunition was released on 20 Mar 2012

The physical release had the following differences:
Track #3 was changed to "You Gon Learn (Early Service)" (featuring Saigon)
Track #6 was changed to "Let's Get That"
Track #7 was changed to "Won't Change" (featuring Tami LaTrell)
Track #8 was changed to "You Gon Learn (Late Service)"

The track "Let's Get That (Remix)" is only available with the digital release, while the track "You Gon Learn (Late Service)" is only available with the physical release.

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Track Listing

  Title Artist Lyrics Play Watch
1 Your Connect Chamillionaire
2 Running Laps Chamillionaire
3 Let's Get That Chamillionaire View Lyrics
You gotta have "Ammunition"... [gun-cocks]
Plenty of it... silencers... rapidfire! [automatic gunshots]
LET'S GET IT! [shot]

Just give me two homes in different locations,
Just make one a little more spacious;
And two rollies dipped in gold faces,
And two girls that's known to switch places!
Ready? Let's get that!
Let's get that! - Let's go!
Lemme know if you with that!
You with that? - Let's go!

Just give me two yellow bones with cute faces,
Gotta be backin' up or be basic!
TV screens is looking like "Matrix",
Cars so fast, the police can't chase it!
Ready? Let's get that!
Let's get that! - Let's go!
Lemme know if you with that!
You with that? - Let's go, we can get it now!

[Verse 1:]
See? Everybody act like they the man to watch,
But I don't even see 'em runnin' half the block!
Influenced by the Michael Watts and Rapalots,
I won a Grammy and I still ain't-took-it-out the box!
When-I-was-comin'-up, I never had a lot!
So now I want it all, I gotta have ya spot!
Now everybody actin' like it's candy drops,
But they bitin' like when Tyson and Evander box.
Oh, well-I-still-will-ride-fresh switch 'Lacs every season,
Kick a door down my raps what they needin'.
Couple bad women that'll pledge their allegiance,
Never broke hoes, coach bags are deceivin'!
Two straps on me, never-dealin'-with-a pat down
While-I'm-walkin'-to-the-private-jet in the background!
I ain't see a throne, that's why I never sat down!
Pass-it-to-the-king like cats out in Sac-Town!
No Demarcus, I don't give a damn, it's no instagram, I'm just into Cham'!
Open hands and then enter grands; anythin' I got, I'm gon' get again!
Killin' all y'all, tell me what do y'all call!
Bad-guy-that-never-pass! I'm-the-villain-ball-hog!
You on the come up but I'm playin' "duck hunt",
When I put my guns up, that's the day that y'all fall!


[Verse 2:]
You ain't playin' in the game; you a lame, you a mascot!
Always-tryna-criticize the things that we rap 'bout,
While-I'm movin'-like-a-pair-of-J's on the blacktop;
You don't run a thing but out of space on your laptop!
I'm a-start-a-tab my change never max out
Main broke rapper, main one pullin' cash out!
I'm a-have-yo'-woman on swangs in my Lac drop.
You don't like it? You-can-catch-a-fade like a flat top.
Lame get a name, y'all lames tell 'em: "That's hot! "
Not me! I-say-I-never-bought-it, boy!
I'm-comin'-for-the-money like an auditor,
Look how I murdered everybody that-you-thought-was-raw!
It don't mean that you made it if you on a tour;
You're not a headliner if you're on a four!
Anybody got beef, I'm a carnivore,
Don't-make-me-rain-on-your-parade like it's Mardi Gras!
Not Mardi Gras, it's not February! Not January, it's Ben & Jerr!
Mixed with some liquor, it's a Bloody Mary; such a nasty flow it's unsanitary!
Gettin' motion sickness cause I roll the sickest
On the road to riches and you know the bidness;
Cause the flow is vicious, you supposed to witness;
When-I-get-it, I'm a-be-like: "What I told you, snitches? "


Shoow tiiime! (shoooow tiiiiiime!)
Turn dooooown theee liiiights, it's shoow tiiiiime! (damn riiiight!)
And this woooorld iiiis miiiiine, no liiiieeee! (noooo liiiieeee!)
Turn uuuup theee briiiights an' let's shiiiiine, (aaaaaal-riiiiight!)
Cause this woooorld iiiis miiiiine, hmmmmm!

Should never be a question in your mind about it!
Stay loaded! [gun cocks]
See? You call it motivation... [automatic gunshots]
I call it... "Ammunition"! [shot] [beat stops]
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4 All Mine Chamillionaire
5 On My Way Chamillionaire feat. Lee Lonn
6 You Gon' Learn Chamillionaire feat. Saigon
7 Let's Get That Remix Chamillionaire feat. Doughbeezy & Marcus Manchild
8 Won't Change Chamillionaire feat. Tami Latrell
9 Never Enough Chamillionaire feat. Angel

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